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Business Law

Taking on Your Case Regardless of the Size

When your business is on the line, it takes second to nothing. You’ll get a law firm that understands this and gives your business the priority attention it deserves. Personalized service is assured!┬áContact Tucker & Browning Law, P.C. today.

Don’t Give Up On That Contract

Contracts are signed by two parties, both of which need to fulfill their obligation. When a violation arises, you need someone who understands what legal path to follow to ensure that the contract is honored. Attorneys Tucker and Browning offer you over 43 years of combined know-how in this specific area of law.

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  • Breach of contract

  • Unfair business practices

  • Construction contracts

  • Business formation (Corp., LLC & Non-profit)


Attorneys at Law

Alan David Tucker, Esq.

Adrienne Browning, Esq.