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Workers’ Compensation Law

We Will Take the Reins for You

With a serious workplace injury, you may be in great pain and emotional distress. Many worries abound, including those of future employment and earnings. With Tucker and Browning P.C., you will have a law firm that will decisively take the reins on your claim so that you can focus on recovery. 

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Have a Workers’ Compensation Team Backed by Experience

Attorney Tucker has over 38 years of workers compensation experience that he can put to work for you. You will benefit from the insight he offers after handling numerous successful cases throughout the course of his career.

You Relax While We Protect Your Interests in Cases of
  • Workplace accidents

  • Workplace injuries

  • Employer misconduct

  • Malfunctioning equipment

  • Workers’ compensation discrimination

Taking on Your Case Regardless of the Size

When your business is on the line, it takes second to nothing. You’ll get a law firm that understands this and gives your business the priority attention it deserves. Personalized service is assured!¬†Contact Tucker & Browning Law, P.C. today.


Attorneys at Law

Alan David Tucker, Esq.

Adrienne Browning, Esq.